Monday, November 30, 2009

The Emergency Email & Wireless Network

Their mission:

"Provide notification to citizens of local, regional, national and international emergencies utilizing the Internet and electronic mail (email) in a secure and expedient manner"

Awesome website, I have been using their site for over a year now. I get weather alerts sent to my cell phone and email.

How do you start to get prepared?


I have heard that question so much. The first thing you need to do is one that nearly no one does and is the most important to prepping ... is to take inventory of what you have in your home. Inventory will tell what you have, how much you have and will tell you what you don't need to buy. Then you organize it.
By doing an inventory first, you can record all serial numbers, take pictures of items and create a data base for your home. This data base will help when you put a claim into the insurance company if you lose items in a disaster that destroys your home. You keep copies at different locations. Inventory will tell you how much food you have on hand and what is out of date. You may find out that you already have a week or two food supply already. It will tell you what you eat and don't eat. Also an inventory will allow you to see what items in the house you don't use. Take the item that you don't use and have a garage sale. Money from the garage sale put into an account for preps to be used on items you may need. When you get rid of the items you don't need, you create more storage space. When you inventory you will need to organize at the same time. Organized home will make life easier and when a disaster does hit, you know where things are.
Do one room at a time. Try not to inventory everything in one day or weekend. Use this time to clean and make your home safer. Think about the items you have and ask the questions "How can I use this in a survival situation?", "Have I used this in the last year?", "How important is this to me?" or "Can I do without this?". It may take you  a couple weeks or a month or more to inventory and organize. But do it first as your preps and it will save you lots of money and time in the future.