Saturday, November 28, 2009

Todays Survival Show

A new podcast on survival and prepping started back in July of 2009. Today’s Survival Show is founded by Bob Mayne and Randy Croft. They have over forty episodes now and continue to post one or two podcasts a week. Get a chance and listen to some of the episodes.

Here is some of the categories he has covered so far:
Todays Survival

Preparedness books to get you started.

You just found out about prepping, you may have heard someone talking of storing food, or just worried about losing your job and how to prepare for it if it does happen. Well where do you get started? Lots of websites out there, but get ready for information overload. Tons of books out there... but where do you start? Here is three books I recommend that can get you started without spending a lot of money. You don't need to go broke buying ton of equipment and food. Most likely you have a lot of thing in your home already.

The first book I highly recommend, "Shoestring Survivalist: How to Prepare for Bad Times on a Budget" by Andy James. This book is just awesome and I wish I had this book years ago. Bob Mayne on Today’s Survival Show started covering the book on around episode 33.

The second book I highly recommend, "Making the Best of Basics: Family Preparedness Handbook", 11th edition by James Talmage Stevens. This book is a workbook to help you get started prepping. Mainly with your food preps.Has lots of links to prepping sites as well as government sites.

The third book I recommend is "Camping & Wilderness Survival", 2nd edition by Paul Tawrell. This book is more for the outdoors but has so much info for the prep per to use. If you are unable to sleep in your house after a disaster, guess what your camping. This book teaches you a lot of primitive ways of starting a fire, cooking, basic survival, and lots of info that you can use.

So check these books out at your library or purchase them for you own personal library. You be getting a lot of information to get you started on prepping.

Starting to use my blog.

Well I decided to use my blog for learning about prepping. I actually have prepped for personal local disasters most on my life. Just in the last couple of years I decided to go further into prepping. So I hope to use this blog as a learning tool and to help others at the same time.